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Tanagra Annette Weaver
Vice Commodore
Ray Litt
Rear Commodore
Benyne Goldston
Members at Large:
Gwen Gipson
Ellen Lewis
Paul Castone
Reggie Harris
Carol Litt (Treasurer)
Harold D. Weaver (Secretary)

Promoting the Sport of Sailing
in the Metro Detroit Community

Welcome to the Grayhaven Sail Club of Detroit website and the 2019 sailing season. We are a diverse group of Metro Detroit sailors that participates in all aspects of sailing; including cruising, racing and just hanging out together. Our common bond is that we love being on the water and spending time with each other as an extended family. Our club is open to the public and we welcome others who would like to share the experience.

More About Us

We have been around a while. We were founded in 1992 by a group of sailors who happened to keep their boats at the old Grayhaven Marina. Since those early days we have cruised and raced many nautical miles together on the Great Lakes and the world’s oceans. Our boats can be found at many of the metro Detroit marinas. However, our largest gathering of member boats is at Kean’s Marina located at 100 Meadowbrook, Detroit, MI. www.keansmarina.com.

In 1994 we started the Challenge The Wind Youth Sailing Program to fulfill our mission to promote sailing amoung young people who would otherwise not get exposed to the opportunity. The program is open to all teens who want to learn to sail. See more about our youth sailing program below. We are also committed to the advancement of safety at sea, knowledge of seamanship and preservation of the environment. If this interests you you should consider joining.

Check Us Out and See If Sailing Is For You

We have many events during the year, mostly involving eating and being around the water. Check out the calendar and our Facebook page for the latest. Our events are open to everyone and are a good way to check us out, explore sailing and see if it is something you are interested in pursuing. You can walk the docks, talk boating, take a sail or regularly crew on a member’s boat. Many of our members, who now own their own boats, started out by crewing on an existing member’s boat. For sure we are always looking for help with our youth sailing program. It's a good way to give back to our youth.

How to Join

We welcome applications for membership from any anyone with a strong desire to sail and to promote the purpose of the Club. Owning a boat is not a criterion for joining. For more information on membership and to request an application send an email to: grayhavensailclubdetroit@gmail.com

2019 Challenge the Wind (CTW) Youth Sailing Program

“Having Fun While Learning to Sail"

Challenge the Wind Announces its 2019 Dates:

This year we are offering two 2-week sessions that run Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The dates are:
Orientation Picnic: July 7th for both sessions
Session One: July 8th - July 19th
Session Two: July 22nd - August 2nd
Graduation Picnic: August 2nd for both sessions

The fee is $100 per session. Credit card, Paypal, checks accepted.

Beginning and Intermediate Sailing - Both sessions include Beginning and Intermediate instruction, depending on the participants' experience levels.

New location: Belle Isle Boat House E. Picnic Way, Detroit MI 48207

Check our CTWYSP Facebook page for updates at www.facebook.com/challengethewind

More Information:

We teach youths, ages 10-17 to sail. By the end of a session beginning participants will be able to safely sail without the assistance of the instructors. Taught by US Sailing Organization Certified instructor and other experienced staff. Participants will also get exposure to and learn the value of our rich Detroit marine environment.


  • Use of sailboats
  • All session materials including “Learn Sailing Right” textbook
  • Use of lifejacket (U.S. Coast Guard certified Personal Floatation device)
  • US Sailing Organization Certified Instructor
  • Certified Lifeguard and First Responder/CPR Certified staff
  • A light snack every day
  • Orientation and Graduation Picnic

Knowing how to swim is preferred but not mandatory.

To register a participant for Challenge the Wind go to this site www.challengethewind.org.

Class size is limited. Apply early!

Click here for an informational flyer.

Help Our Youth Sailing Program with Financial Support:

Your contribution is tax deductible because we are a 501(c)(3) Corporation. General Community funding is needed to help us bring this unique opportunity to boys and girls in our community. Your generous gift will last a life time, for you will assist in opening a door and raising a level of achievement and awareness. CTW is privileged to undertake the task of teaching and mentoring our future citizen/sailors, and we ask your support for this outstanding Program.

Click here to see more information on the program.

Please make your check payable to:
And mail it to: Grayhaven Sail Club of Detroit P.O. Box 32622 Detroit, MI 48232-0622


You can make a donation by credit card or PayPal using the PayPal button below or by check.